19 Years Old by *Rifle1980

I was just nineteen years old
When I cut myself in two
The boy I wanted them to see
And the boy they never knew

Hid my hollow bones away
I've been hiding ever since
Yes, you may see the odd smile
But only ever a glimpse

But my heart was never broken
It was born in several pieces
And with every passing year
The size of the segments decreases

I was just nineteen years old
When I died for the first time
I did not cope so well
With leaving my childhood behind

I didn't want to face up
To these wretched bent back blues
But will I give in to the struggle?
No, with respect I refuse

See my grandfather gave me
The stubborn heart of an ox
I will die before I collapse
A coward I am not

19 Years Oldby *Rifle1980